September 29, 2019

We continue with the WIFE Series and discuss this week the Letter F which means Fellowship: However we refer to the Church and the member having fellowship with one another and it take a unified body of believers to really have fellowship with one another.

The Apostle Paul gave a challenge to the Church about maintaining unity of the Church. We find in Ephesians 4:1-3 which basically states that we are to "Endeavor to keep the unity of the Spirit". It must mean that the unity we are supposed to keep can be broken. The greatest challenge to the unity of the body of Christ are the very people who are the members of that body.. We are a different and diverse people with differing opinions, ideas, wants , and methods, which are unique to each individual in the body. The greatest threat to the unity of the church is ot the devil or the world, it is the very people who make up the body.

In verse 2 of Ephesians talks about the four qualities. Lowliness, Meekness, Long suffering, forbearance and love. These qualities are basically the path of unity. Besides Paul challenging the church with a pleas of unity, therein lies the problem of unity but the path for the quality of having unity within the church is first, "Meekness.

When we hear the work meekness, we often think of someone who is weak. We think of someone who is a weakling who cannot accomplish anything with his physical body...This word does not refer t some namby-pamby, misquetoast, tree-hugging, crybaby. Weakness has nothing as all to do with biblical "meekness".

The word gives the idea of "gentleness or mildness." It does not speak of weakness, but of power under the control of a master. It brings to mind a wild horse that has been broken. The horse, though it has been broken, still retains all the power and wildness that it ever had. Now that power is brought under control of it master. If you have seen the lions and tigers at the circus, you have see this kind of meekness in action. Those big cats have the ability to easily destroy the lion tamer, but they don't. They have yielded control of that power to the lion tamer.

Meekness is a result of true humility. The meek person has the power to revenge hurts, but they yield that power to their Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. thus , when they are wronged, they react like Christ would react. There is no anger or retaliation, there is simply forgiveness and love. "Meekness is the Spirit of Christ in Action..

We will continue next week on this subject along with what it takes for us as Christians in the church to have unity of the Body.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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