September 16, 2018

"Did Jesus Just Happen" (Life of Christ)

We are not to try to make the Christian Doctrine more digestible or palatable to the mind of modern man by proposing that the death was actual but the resurrection ideal; that the one was historical and the other mythological . Such a theory is not modern at all. It is as old as the book of Acts, and it is utterly foreign to message of the Gospel. It is fatal to the faith. So Paul lists the names of those who saw the Lord. They are honorable, sensible men. Their word is their bond. Christ's rising was according to the Scriptures. It was no freak. It was foreshodowed in the Bible of the first century Jews, our Old Testament. Jesus, we are told, took His disciples back into their Scriptures and showed that it was necessary according to Moses and all the Prophets for the Messiah "to have suffered, and to enter into His glory." Yet, if you read the Old Testament looking for Prophecies of the resurrection of Jesus, you may be disappointed, for they are not of the obvious, explicit variety. Does this man that they had inspired writings we know nothing about? Hardly, I believe, rather, that what He would be pointing out to them would be that His victory at the resurrection was not to be thought of as an isolated happening once in time, but as the outcropping of a great organizing principle underlying all of life and history. Here at the empty tomb God had bared His arm (and His heart) in a "moment of truth." Here in the person of His Son, He had let us behold His glory, and by the afterglow the whole universe was illumined.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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