October 6, 2019

We continue our thoughts on the WIFE series and with the Letter F of the Series which means Fellowship:

To maintain the Unity of the Church, there must be true fellowship among the members of any church. Paul gives a plea for Unity from the book of Eph. and then he discusses the problem of Unity and of course there is a path.. There must be Humility, Lowliness of mind and soul, Meekness, which is a direct result of Humility. The word Gentleness or Meekness is a direct result of humility. Meekness is the spirit of Christ in action.

In order to have true fellowship, there must be Longsuffering, forbearance, and of course there must be Love toward one another.

Basically it comes down to a couple of things which allows us to have fellowship with one another. There must be Love one another as God commands us and second we must yield to the control of the Holy Spirit.

I want to mention a few reasons why we can't have true fellowship by admitting these facts about us as Christians who are not fully grown in the Lord:

  1. We are all sinners who posses a fallen nature, Sinners saved by Grace
  2. We are sometimes selfish, self centered, and want our own way,
  3. We are jealous when we see others succeed, get blessed nor be promoted.
  4. We get angry when we think we have been wronged.
  5. We act out of spite hoping to hurt those who we think have hurt us.
  6. We fail to forgive the wrongs done to us by others.
  7. We fail to love the Lord like we should, thus we cannot love others like we should.
  8. We allow our sinful natures to be manifested in all our interactions.
  9. We are brought together from different backgrounds, with different views about right and wrong, and with different opinions about how things ought to be done.
  10. We have different agendas in life.
Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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