October 21, 2018

"Did Jesus Just Happen" (The Life of Christ)

As we continue on the subject of the Second Coming of Christ and dealing with the portion of Scripture having to do with Christ preparing mansions for us in heaven.

The Lord had in mind an Oriental dwelling when He when He used this figure to teach the disciples concerning their future abode and of course our future abode. In the society in which Christ lived, the houses were build in the form of a hollow square around a large open patio. Normally the walls were built without any openings in them, with the exception of a large main door or gate which opened into the patio and could be barred for protection. (It is in keeping with this image that Christ could say, "I am the door" and I am the way".) When one entered through the door or gate into the patio, he would find a number of rooms which opened off the central court. They did not have interior hallways off which numerous rooms would open, but all rooms would open off the central square. When a father would take a bride for his son, he would simple go to an unused portion of that enclosure and would wall off another room or two and that would become the habitation of the son and his bride. As the family increased, another wall would be put up and the living quarters would expand. When we read, "In My Father's house are many mansions" it usually brings to our mind a beautiful, earthly edifice, polished and adorned with gold or silver, translated into glory.

But that is not the picture the Lord has in view at all. Rather, He is saying that in the enclosure called the Father's house, there will be many, many apartments or dwelling places. This emphasizes the fact of the unity of the family--united one with another and with the Father.

Next week I will deal with the statement our Lord made when He said, "I will come again" in John chapter 14

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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