November 18, 2018

"Did Jesus Just Happen" (The Life of Christ), When Paul was speaking the Saints being asleep, he was referring to the believer's death.What Paul is saying is this, "I want to teach you a truth that never has been taught or revealed before. We believers shall not all come into glory by the process of death and resurrection. Even though entrance into glory necessitates a change for all, this change can be accomplished without physical death, for God can change living believers instantaneously."

This then is the new truth. There could be a transformation into the presence of God, out of this body of corruption into an incorruptible body, out of this mortal body into an immortal body, without the process of death and resurrection. One whole generation of believers one day will experience this change.

Paul now proceeds to tell us how this will happen. The first thing we observe is that it is an instantaneous change, for it will take place "in the twinkling of an eye." The word twinkling is not to be confused with the blinking of an eyes. Blinking is fast, and we would not have time to prepare for His coming even if it took place in the blinking of an eye. But twinkling is faster than that. It has reference to the sudden flash that may pass between two individuals, that instantaneous, indivisible unit of time in which there is a flash of recognition without a lapse of time whatsoever. Our translation is going to be that rapid. One moment we will be one earth, and in a twinkling we will find ourselves translated into glory. "Praise God"

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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