May 20, 2018

As we continue with the Ministry of Jesus while on Earth, from my book "Did Jesus Just Happen", the question has been asked, why was Jesus Baptized? Other questions; why did Jesus seek to be baptized?

He was baptized not for confession and pardon, for He was sinless. He was baptized not simply to encourage John's work and set an example to others. Or He was baptized not as our substitute, for his disciples were also baptized; but He was baptized to provide a public mode of announcement, when in the presence of many of the fact might be fully established that the Messiah had come.

He was baptized to consecrate Himself to consecrate Himself to His Messianic work by this kind ordination. All other priest in the Jewish church were inducted into office by baptism. Inasmuch as Christ was to be the Great High Priest it was proper that He should enter by this door, thus fulfilling ceremonial righteousness. The commencement of a new course of life, was the element which His and other peoples baptism had in common: in the case of the people it prepared them to receive pardon or their baptism was sign that they had repented of their sins, but in the case of Jesus, it was to bestow it.

The Voice from heaven was to John a revelation and meant for Jesus (a) divine approval for the step. (b) official anointing for His mission and , (c) endowment with power. The dove was considered a sacred bird in the East.

The brooding dove was symbolical of the quickening warmth of nature. In Jewish writings, the Spirit hovering over the primeval waters is expressly compared to a dove.

Christ was baptized to fulfill all righteousness as the Scripture states. This was the main purpose. I believe His baptism was to be a symbol and an ordinance. The ordinance of the (His) Church in the symbol of His death, burial . and resurrection. Therefore when one is baptized today, he has to be buried under the water (not sprinkled) and brought back up in order to be a symbol. Baptism by immersion only!

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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