May 10, 2020

The conclusion of the Dispensations: The 7th Dispensation is the Kingdom Dispensation.

(a) From the Second Coming of Christ (or descent) to the Great White Throne Judgment and this period will last for 1000 Years. Ps. 2 and 11

  1. Man's state at the beginning.

(a) Under the personal reign and rule of Christ. Acts 15: 14-17; Ps. 2: 6; Matt. 24: 29

(b) Man's Responsibility: obedience and submission to the King and also to worship Him. Ps: 2: 12; Isa. 65-:20; Ps. 67:4, *6:9 and Zech 14: 17.

(c) Man's failure: Feigned obedience. Man will follow Satan for a short period after the 1000 Year Reign of Christ. Ps. 66:3; Rev. 20: 7-9

(d) Consequences of man's failure: Destruction of the man being cast into the Lake of Fire with the Devil and his angels. Rev. 20:9

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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