March 18, 2018

Continuing with the reasons for believing in the Virgin Birth of Jesus from "Did Jesus Happen"

I believe in the Virgin, in the third place, because it is the only explanation of His sinless life. In no other way can the sinless life of Jesus be explained. The sinful nature is inherited through the man, In the case of Jesus the seed was planted by God and therefore it never became polluted by the sinful blood stream of humanity.

This is the only way by which Jesus could have become man without becoming a partaker of man's sins. He He been born thought the ordinary processes of nature He would have been born in sin as all men are born in sin. It is the sinful nature which we inherit from our first parent, Adam. The seed itself was planted in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit; therefore, He had no inherited relationship with the sinful human race, though He became a man in every sense of that word. Because, therefore, of this miraculous birth of the Virgin, Jesus was able to live His life without spot or blemish, thus qualifying Him to become our Substitute and Atonement for sin.

In the fourth place, I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus because it is in keeping with the miraculous life and resurrection of Jesus. The life of Jesus was a miraculous life from beginning to end. It began with a miracle and it closes with a miracle.

In the light of His miraculous deeds of healing the sick, causing the lame to walk, the blind to see, the dumb to speak, the deaf to hear and the dead to rise, it is not difficult to accept the idea of His miraculous birth. The Virgin Birth is no more difficult to believe than the resurrection. How could one believe in the one without believing in the other?

The question has been raised, "Can a person be a genuine Christian and at the same time deny or doubt the Virgin Birth of Jesus? It is conceivable that a genuine Christian might have some doubts concerning the Virgin Birth because of ignorance or misunderstanding, but such doubts will surely vanish when he turns to a serious study of the simple records of the Word of God. It is inconceivable that any Christian who recognized Jesus as the living Savior and redeemer would deliberately deny His miraculous birth , which is so vitally related to the whole plan and purpose of God in our redemption.

We have a miraculous Savior, looking at Him from any point view. He is a miracle working Savior, not only then but also now. He performed miracles in the days of His flesh, and He is still performing miracles in the hearts of man. Jesus performs a miracle every time He is invited into a life. Are the days of miracles over? By no means. Every experience of regeneration is a miracle. What Jesus does in the heart of man is contrary to all the laws of nature. He takes the soul which is dead in trespasses and sins and brings new life out of that dead soul. Can a person say that this is not a miracle?

Next week I will begin with "The Grown Of Jesus As A Child"

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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