March 11, 2018

Why I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus continues excerpts from my book "Did Jesus Just Happen?"

The second reason I believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus is because it is accounted for in the Gospel records. It is not necessary to have reference to it on every page ,or in every book. Two clear references should be sufficient to convince any honest Bible student of the validity of the event related. We recognize the fact that it is dangerous to work out a whole system of doctrine on the basis of some obscure and indistinct passage, but when an event is clearly stated in plain language, as in the case of the Virgin Birth, there should be no room for doubt or hesitancy in accepting. It was not necessary for John or Paul to give a concrete statement concerning the Virgin Birth. This fact is simply taken for granted. They did not feel that the point needed arguing.

The critical need was in the realm of interpreting and understanding this Christ who was thus born. There is absolutely nothing said by any of the other New Testament writers which should in any way contradict the idea of the Virgin Birth. This fact should also be convincing.

Next I will continue with the third and fourth reasons for believing in the Virgin Birth.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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