March 10, 2019

"Did Jesus Just Happen" The Life of Christ

We must distinguish between the kingdom of God and Heaven. The Kingdom of God is the reign of God in the universe over all His created creatures and includes time and eternity, heaven and earth. It is spiritual and comes not with observation (Luke 17: 20-21). It is entered by the New Birth (John 3:5) and is not meat and drink but righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:17) On the other hand, the Kingdom of Heaven is a New Testament term and is found in Mathews Gospel only, where it is mentioned thirty-two times. Its character is described in the twelve kingdom of heaven parables given (Matthew 13: 1-50, 18: 23-25, 20: 1-14, 22: 1-16, 25: 1-30). From these parables we see that the Kingdom of Heaven is limited as to its time and its sphere. The Kingdom of Heaven is earthly and it is a literal visible kingdom. We find in Acts 1: 6-7, the disciples questioned Jesus about the kingdom. It is clear from this that the disciples were looking for an earthly and visible kingdom and not a spiritual kingdom. Jesus has already set up the spiritual kingdom. This happens when Christ through His Spirit takes up abode within the believer. A part of heaven comes down to dwell on this earth, but only in the believer which makes up the mystery form, the church.

If Jesus came simply to set up a spiritual kingdom in this Dispensation as many claim, then common honesty demanded that He at the solemn moment when He was about to leave His disciples and go back to the Father, should have disabused His disciples minds of their false hope and told them plainly that the kingdom He came to set up was spiritual and not earthly. But He didn't He confirmed their hope and told them there was to be an earthly kingdom.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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