March 03, 2019

"Did Jesus Happen", The Life of Christ

Let us consider the Kingdom of the Messiah. It is clear from the Bible that God has been trying to set up a visible kingdom on this earth ever since the creation of man, to whom He gave dominion. But the dominion was lost by the fall in the garden of Eden and Satan set himself up as the prince of this world. (Matthew 4: 8-10, John 14:30)

God took the first step toward the setting up of this visible kingdom on this earth when He called Abraham (Genesis 12:) God began to reign through man which we know as the Jewish Commonwealth such as Moses, Joshua, the Elders, Judges, David, Solomon, The Kings of Israel, and Judah to the Captivity. Under the Judgeship of Samuel, there was a revolt against the Theocracy. Saul was chosen by the people as King. God selected David and made a Covenant with David that His (God' Only Begotten) Son would reign from David's Throne. But the misrule of David's successors and the idolatry of the people of Israel caused the cessation of the Theocratic reign. The time of the Gentiles began with the Babylon Captivity.

After sis-hundred years, God attempted to set up His Kingdom on this earth. To start this chain of events in god's program, we have the announcement of the birth of the King or "Messiah" (Matthew 1: 18-25) . Thirty years later, the "Messiah's" forerunner, John the Baptist, came preaching that the Kingdom was at hand (Matthew 3: 1-2). When the "Messiah manifested Himself to Israel, He sent out the twelve disciples and the seventy to proclaim the same thing (Matthew 10:7). But the "Messiah was rejected by Israel and was crucified and the setting up of the Kingdom was postponed. The Kingdom at that time took on its mystery form under the name of the Kingdom of Heaven. (John 1:11)

(Next week, I will discuss the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven)

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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