June 23, 2019

Did Jesus Just Happen, (The Life of Christ)

Last week we were discussing the foundation and the materials to put on the foundation which is already built in relation to the Judgement Seat of Christ for Believers.

The important question that we as believers face in the light of this teaching is this. What constitutes, gold, silver, precious stone and what constitutes wood, hay and stubble? May I suggest again, it is not the outward appearance, nor is it what a man does that make a difference between destructible or indestructible. It is the attitude and the motive of the heart in doing what is done that makes the difference between gold and wood. Gold, silver and precious stones are things that God creates and plants in the earth and man can do more than reap the bounty of the provision of God. The wood, hay and stubble are things that man plants, cultivates, harvests, manufactures, and uses according to his will. In other words, that which God is permitted to do in and through the child of God is that which is the gold, silver, and precious tones. That which the individual man does is the wood, hay, and stubble.

May I make an illustration comparing two Sunday School Teacher. One teaches out of a heart prompted by the Spirit of God. This teacher is faithful before the Lord in preparation and teaches not for his or her own pleasure, not to satisfy someone who has asked her or him to teach, not to gain reputation for being a good teacher, but teaches faithfully for the glory of the Lord. The second teacher is one who desires a position of prominence, likes to be influential, wants to be respected for having an interest in spiritual things, but everything is done for the gratification of the flesh. The two teachers both have done the same thing but at the Judgment Seat of Christ, God is going to say to the one, "that is acceptable to me because it brought glory to me" and to the other He will say, "that is not acceptable because it brought glory to you and I received no glory out of it whatsoever." An individual could teach, preach, or work in any kind of work because they love to do these things, to gain respect and influence, to be admired and God would say, "I down all of it, it is of no use to me" and this work will be manifested as wood, hay and stubble. It is not the fact that one will gain a reward for doing great work for the Lord but for the motive behind it. What was the reason? What was the desire in discharging the particular ministry? Self or God's glory! Many ask the question, I have not been called to be a preacher or teacher, how can I have a reward? It doesn't matter what kind of work a person might be involved, if that individual does that which is God's will for them and they do it to the glory of God that individual will receive God's reward. All God requires is that whatever He has put you in, that you be faithful and do that work for His glory. It is not what we do, but it is the motive behind it. We might serve Christ in an unseen place, a man might not recognize it, but God will. Everything that is done int he flesh will be swept away with the fire and it will burn to ashes.

Next week, I will discuss the rewards or crowns a Christian will receive for his or her works done for the Glory of God.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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