June 09, 2019

Did Jesus Just Happen" (The Life of Christ)

As we relate to I Cor. 3:9, the Apostle is dealing with this same teaching under a different figure. He now uses the figure of a contractor and a sub-contractor who are engaged to erect a building. "We are laborers together with God, Ye are God's husbandry. Ye are God's building." God is the contractor. Paul and Apppolos and Cephas who had ministered to the Corinthians were the sub-contractors. Paul is saying, according to the Grace of God which He has given to Him, as a wise master-building, I have laid the foundation and another builds there upon. Paul was brought in as a sub-contractor to lay the foundation for the assembly there in Corinth. Other men followed Paul than says, "there is only one foundation and that is Jesus Christ. And man may build upon this foundation,gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay or stubble.". While Paul is mentioned six different building materials, may I suggest that there is only two building materials, destructable and indetructable.

The thing that brought the question was a letter that Paul had gotten from Corinth being split a number of different ways. They were doing which is so popular today, people comparing preachers. Some were saying I like Paul, his theology and his logic is fantastic. Another was saying I like Peter because he is so practical and down to earth. another group said, we prefer Apollos then there were the spiritual ones who said, we follow Jesus Christ. The apostle looked at the sorry divided mess and said, "It seems to me that somebody has slipped the wrong kind of building material into this building" and Paul warned them about what kind of stones were being put into the super-structure.

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