July 15, 2018

As we continue with our thoughts from "Did Jesus Just Happen", I want to share with you beginning with the third aspect or characteristic of the Lamb so beautifully exemplified in Jesus's innocence.

The Lamb is the epitome of innocence as far as the animal kingdom is concerned. For this reason the Lamb was chosen as the sacrifice on the Day of Atonement. It was always a symbol of innocence. The Lamb never was never known to become involved in shady or tricky maneuvers. It was most appropriate, therefore, for Jesus to be called the Lamb of God. His was a life of innocence and sinless from the beginning.

Even His enemies could find no fault in Him. Some accused Him falsely, but no one could pin any real claim of sin upon Him. Pilate had to say after examining Him, "I find no fault in Him". There was no stain of sin, no mark of disobedience. His was the only perfectly pure life ever lived in human form. Thus Jesus was qualified in every sense of the word to hear the title of the Lamb.

Next week, I will deal with the final aspect of the Lamb as being the purpose of the Lamb.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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