January 6, 2019

As we continue with "Did Jesus Just Happen" (The Life of Christ), I begin this week with "The Messiah and His Kingdom"

In times past most every civilization that ever existed has looked for a Savior or Messiah and some have made idols or duties to affirm their belief in a Savior. But the only wait in history was the Hebrews in their wait for a Messiah to come as prophesied in their Holy writings. All the Prophets foretold of a Messiah to come and reign in Jerusalem and the same prophecy foretold of Messiah to come and die as a sacrifice for the sins of all men. The Messiah would be a Jew and He would be born of a chaste virgin and not have an earthly father.

The word "Messiah" originated from the Hebrew "Mashiach" which means anointed and is the same in meaning as "Christos" in Greek and "Issous" or "Yeshua" meaning Savior or Deliverer. The completeness of Messiah is found in Savior and King which "Jesus will be called King of Kings and will reign on David's throne in Jerusalem. This Messiah is "Jesus the "Long Awaited Messiah."

The first mention of Messiah was in the first book of the Torah, "Genesis he third chapter and the fifteenth verse and if we follow the first mentioned principle of Hermeneutics we can see the truth is complete in all the Bible. We must say that all mention of "Messiah" pertains to the same person"Jesus" who was a real person and not a manifestation. This was a Teophany in the Old Covenant, yet conceived as a human born of a virgin free from all sin and depravity.

The Scriptures tell us that "Messiah would be cut off from the land of the living-"Crucified." This same idea is seen is seen in Isaiah 53:8 and because of the fact that teachers, Jew and Gentile alike, many Jewish people are still in the dark concerning the fact of Jesus as Messiah. This Messiah came to save the world and in order for "Him" to do that, "He" must be a flawless lamb, free from all sin in order to be a Propitiation for all men;s sins in all generations, dispensations and in all countries of all people who ever lived.

He was rejected by the Jews at that time as they believed that "Messiah" would deliver them from the Roman yoke as they were blinded to the fact that Isaiah 53 had already prophesied that "Messiah" would come to suffer.

Next week, we will begin with the Gospel of Matthew as the basis of the coming "Messiah"

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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