January 28, 2018

The second thing we should consider is the significance of the genealogy of Jesus from"Did Jesus Just Happen."

What is the true significance of these genealogical lists? From the negative point of view let me reiterate what I have already hinted. Proving Christ's descent from such great men as Abraham and David does not prove His own greatness. It was necessary to connect Jesus with Abraham by lineage in order to prove His integrity. Jesus was great in His own right. His own life is sufficient proof of His worth. However, there was a purpose in giving His lineage.

At least three things seem to be involved:

First, it proved the identity of Jesus with the human race. Christ was God, but He was also man. Hew was a real man with a direct connection with the human race. To be our redeemer He must be a man in every sense of that word. These ancestral tables were given to show that He does have a vital connection with the human race. Though He was miraculously born, He still retains a vital link with the human family. It was important that the people understand this aspect of the life of Jesus. This idea was perhaps more prominent in the mind of Luke than in that of Matthew. That is why Luke traces His lineage back to be the first Adam.

Next week's comments will deal with the second and third aspect or significance of the genealogy of Jesus.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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