January 27, 2019

We continue with the Life of Jesus "Did Jesus Just Happen" after Jesus had cast a demon out of a man who was deaf and dumb, therefore, the Jewish Religious Leaders accused Him of being the Devil and casting the demon out in the name of the devil.

We now find Jesus Christ pronounced judgment on the generation of that day. "That generation has now committed the unpardonable sin." The Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. We must be very clear as to what the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is. It is the unpardonable sin that was committed by that generation of Israel in Jesus' day. It involved the denial of Christ's as being the Messiah while He was physically resent on the earth , on the grounds that He was demon possessed. The sin was unpardonable and judgment was set. The judgment came in the year of 70 A.D. It is not a sin that can be committee by individuals today. It is a national sin committed by the generation of Jesus' day and for that generation the sin was unpardonable, This was a leagalistic sin under the Jewish legal system and the Law Dispensation. So because of the rejection the Christ being the Messiah that generation had committed the unpardonable sin. Judgment was now set and there is no way of escaping the judgment. It was a judgment that was to fulfilled forty years later in the year 70 A.D.

In Matthew 12: 38-40, we see a change in the ministry of Christ. Not the emphasis in verse 39 when he calls these people "an evil and adulterous generation.," The Pharisees where stunned by the pronouncement of judgment and they tried to retake the offensive in verse 38 by demanding a sign. The sign was being demanded by the Pharisees as though Christ had don nothing so far to substantiate He being the Messiah. Son in verse 38, they requested a sign but in verse 39, we the change in policy regarding the signs, "Then certain of the Scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, we would see a sign from thee, but Jesus answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it. But the sign of the Prophet Jonas." From now on there would be no more signs for the nation of Israel.

Next week, I will continue relating about the sign of Jonah and we continue with the Ministry of Jesus.

I would add to this week's comments. There might be some questions about what I have stated concerning the unpardonable sin, Please feel free to call me at 229-378-5705.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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