February 3, 2019

As we continue with with Life of Christ, "Did Jesus Just Happen".

We see in the Scripture that Jesus continues to perform miracles after chapter 12 of Matthew but His miracles after chapter 12 were not for the purpose of authenticating His person and message. The purpose for the miracles Jesus performed would be for the training of the twelve apostles for the ministry they would have to conduct as the result of the rejection of Christ being the Messiah. But, for "that generation" there would not be any sign but one: the sign of Jonah which is the sign of the Gospel, the death, burial, and resurrection. It is a sign that would come on three occasions: at the resurrection of Lazarus; At His own resurrection; and the resurrection of the two witnesses in the Tribulation.----(70th Week of Daniel) a period of time lasting seven years, immediately after the translation of the church into heaven or in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ which is in existence in this age or generation.

In Verses 41-45 of Matthew 12, Christ continued to spell out the judgment of that generation.

I know this week is very short but will continue next week in full. (Please forgive due to health problems)

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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