February 25, 2018

This week, I want to share a few things on the Second Aspect or objection concerning the Virgin Birth Of Jesus, from "Did Jesus Just Happen" An objection that some make is that the Virgin Birth of Jesus is not magnified in Scripture. Only two references are made to the Virgin Birth, in all the New Testament, one in Matthew and the one in Luke. No reference is made to it by John or Paul. These objections to the Virgin Birth would also tell us that the passage in Isaiah 7:14, "Behold a Virgin shall conceive, and bare a son, and shall call His name Immanuel" has been mistranslated and has no reference at all to the the Birth of Jesus. In the first place, they say that it has no reference to a virgin. It is true that the Hebrew word, Almah, translated "virgin" in the King James Version, means literally, "A young woman of marriageable age." In some cases it seems to refer to a married woman and in other cases it seems to refer to a maiden. But in any case the word itself does not preclude the idea of Virginity.
In other words, it cannot be proved that the woman of this text was not a virgin on the basis of the use of the word itself.

These objectors would also tell us the the passage has not only been mistranslated, but also misinterpreted. According to them the Prophet Isaiah was not speaking of Mary the mother of Jesus, but of his own wife who was expecting a child, or of some other woman of that same generation whose giving birth to a son would be a sign to King Ahaz. In answer to these critics let me point out the fact that the seventy Hebrew scholars who translated the Old Testament into Greek thought that it did have reference to a Virgin Birth. And Matthew certainly thought that it had reference to Jesus' birth, for he quotes this prophecy (Matthew 1:23) and tells us that it is fulfilled in the Birth of Jesus.

For my part I had uch rather follow the interpretation of Matthew, the inspired Gospel writer, than the modern day Bible scholars who insist on taking everything miraculous out of the Bible. Even if we should discount the reference in Isaiah, the fact that it is mentioned twice by gospel historians who have given proof of their reliability is sufficient grounds for belief, that is, for those who accept the Bible as the Inspired Word of God. How many times does God have to say something before it is right? ONE TIME!

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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