February 18, 2018

For the next several weeks, we will be discussing "The Birth of Jesus" from my book, "Did Jesus Just Happen?"

The birth of Jesus was no ordinary birth. He was born of a Virgin! This simply means that Mary had not known any man intimately before the birth of Jesus. It means that Jesus had no actual human father. The Scriptures tell us the the seed was planted in the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit. Thus she gave birth to a son without the normal contact with a human man. In fact , it was so unusual the Joseph was impressed to break off the engagement to Mary, feeling that she must have had a relationship with some other man. But God made clear to Joseph that her pregnancy was caused by the direct work of the Holy Spirit. The fact of the Virgin birth of Jesus has been the common belief of most Christians down through the ages, however, it has been doubted and denied by some since the days of Jesus. Among these are those who call themselves Christians, in fact, in the modern era there seems to an increasing number of those who either doubt or deny the virgin birth of Jesus. In some circles this has become quite a controversial issue. For the most part the conservative Christians have held firmly to the idea and fact of the virgin birth. ( I want to interject that many Translations of the Scriptures (Bible) deny the Virgin birth or water it down to the point of suggesting that Mary was not a Virgin. For example, just one translation, the CEB in the Book of Isaiah the 7th Chapter states that a young woman (not a virgin) would conceive and bare a child. However in the same Translation in the book of Matthew, it firmly states that the Birth of Jesus's conception was by the Holy Spirit and the woman would be a Virgin". However in the original Hebrew and Greek, in both Old Testament and New Testament accounts the fact that a Virgin would Conceive and a child would be born by the Holy Spirit and His name would be called Jesus and Immanuel (Emmanuel).

There are three objections that is discussed about the Virgin birth of Jesus and I will cover one of the objections in this writing. First, there is the oft hears objection that it is not natural. Some people seem to have difficulty in accepting anything which involves the miraculous or supernatural. It is true that the Birth of Jesus is not natural, as related by Matthew and Luke. To say that Jesus was born of a Virgin is to say that a miracle was performed. If a person does not believe in miracles, they cannot believe in the Virgin birth of Jesus. Some people are like Matthew Arnold, who said. "I do not believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus, for that would imply a miracle and miracles do not happen." For those who refuse to accept the miraculous there is no argument to make, however, it seems inconsistent that some of these who refuse to accept the Virgin birth of Jesus on the grounds that it is not natural will accept the fact of the Resurrection which is also in the realm of the miraculous. If a person is willing to accept one miracle in the life of Jesus, why not accept another which is just as obvious?

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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