February 17, 2019

"Did Jesus Happen", The Life of Christ

As we continue our remarks from Matthew Chapter 12, Jesus related the account of a demon who left a man that he possessed on his own volition. But when he was unable to find a new body to possess and to control he returned to his original abode and found it swept and garnished, but also found it empty. The individual never filled his life again with the Holy Spirit. So the demon re-entered the man he orginally possessed and invited seven other demons to join him. The outcome is that the last state of the man has become worse than the first. At first he was possessed by only one demon. He had opportunity after he demon left to fill his life with the Spirit of God and failed to do so. Now the last state of that man was worse because then he was possessed with eight demons.
The point of the story is often missed. For Christ closed the story and made the point that this is how it is going to be with "that generation". When "that generation' began, it began with the preaching of John the Baptist. John's ministry was essentially a clean-up ministry and his purpose was to prepare the people for the reception of the Messiah. The people were to accept the Messiah when He came. But now that the Messiah had come, they were rejecting Him on the basis of demon possession in Matthew chapter 12. The nation was swept and garnished by the preaching of John the Baptist but remained empty for they rejected Christ as being the Messiah. By rejection of Christ as Messiah, it was a flat denial and rejection of the Holy Ghost which was to follow, and fill this empty people.

Then Christ warned that the last state of "that generation" would be worse than the first. When'That generation" started out it was under Roman domination. Nevertheless, it had a national entity. It has a form of government in the Sanhedrin, and its religious worship system in the temple remained intact. But then as a result of the rejection and the judgment to come in the year of 70 A.D., the national entity of Israel would cease to exist. In place of bondage they would be destroyed and dispersed by the Roman armies. The Temple, the cent of Judaism, would be completely wiped out. The Jews would be dispersed all around the world. So indeed the last day of "that generation" became worse than the first. They went from bondage to worldwide dispersion.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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