December 23, 2018

As we continue from the book of 1 Thess, vs. 17 with the next step dealing with the Resurrection of the Saints from "Did Jesus Just Happen" (The Life of Christ)

The resurrection of dead believers (vs.15) will be followed by the catching up of living believers. The Lord Jesus Christ will be sent by the Father to this earth to bring all believers of this age, (Church Age, Grace) both living and dead, into His presence. When this authoritative shout is given, the graves will open and the body of every believer which has been in grave will come forth. As those bodies are being raised, we which are alive will be caught up, will be glorified, and will be joined to the group of the resurrected saints and together we will meet the Lord in the air. What does this reveal? That before either group meets the Lord in the air, they are joined into one group. There will be distinction, no privilege for either group. The two, the resurrected dead and the translated living, will be joined into one group and they will, as one body, meet the Lord. Paul concludes,"wherefore comfort one another with these words." What is the comfort? There will no separation; there will be no division; there will be no distinction; there will be no privilege experiences by one group that is not enjoyed by all. We might raise the interesting question: "What will be the effect of this translation on the earth? Scripture is silent on this point, however, it seems to have no effect whatsoever. It makes little if any impression on the multitudes of the lost who are left on earth to go into the Tribulation. Their hearts have been hardened against Jesus Christ. They have rejected Him as Savior and when they see this great sign of His authority, they are totally indifferent to its significance. When the Gospel is proclaimed during the Tribulation, it will fall , for the most part, on deaf ears. It requires the Sovereign work of God to prepare a multitude of believing witnesses (Rev. 7) so that multitudes can hear of salvation through the Blood of Christ.

Next week, we will deal with what this promise means to us.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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