August 19, 2018

We continue with our thoughts and words from "Did Jesus Just Happen"

Paul in his letters wrote "Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures." His death was "for our sins". This is to say that He (Jesus Christ) did not perish as a martyr but offered Himself as an atoning sacrifice.

He was the divinely appointed Lamb to be offered, according to the precedent in the Book of Moses, as a substitute for sinners. Some so-called liberal theologians react violently against this New Testament Doctrine. They use adjectives like "barbaric" and "sadistic", and expressions like "slaughterhouse religion", to describe it. They find the thought of someone having to die for them repulsive and immoral. Men with famous names in the field of religion have talked that way, and others express their displeasure by ignoring the subject altogether in their sermons and, one infers,in their personal reading as well.

I find myself wondering whether this tendency to become nauseated by by the idea of Christ's death being necessary to save sinners may not be like this proverbial Victorian attitude toward sex! There is a prudery which feels sick when sex is mentioned. Sexuality can manifest itself in ways that are impure, unnatural and brutal. Yet prudery itself is unwholesome. It can become a mental illness.

By the same token we may admit that there have been perversions of man's religious instinct which have led him into gross cruelty of a hysterical delight in human and animal suffering. Beautiful maidens have been tossed into volcanoes and tiny babied laid in the red laps of grinning idols, to propitiate the gods to the success of generals. But to compare Christ's death on His Cross to these acts is like bringing a pornographic picture book to a wedding and telling the bride and groom that this is what marriage is about. To say the least, it betrays a very limited range of comprehension!

Underneath all the perversions of sacred sacrificial bloodshed lies a true, God-given instinct that the wages of sin is death, and that without the shedding of blood (The Blood of Jesus Christ) there is no remission or cleansing of sins. Christ's death for our sins was according to the Scriptures. Dr. R.G. Lee said, " The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed.; The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed."

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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