April 5, 2020

To rightly dive the Scriptures and get a clear understanding, a person must understand the Dispensational plan which God sets forth in His Word, Unless one understands the Dispensations, one cannot understand God's Word, and it becomes a Book of confusion and contradictions.

A. Definition: A Dispensation is a period of time during which God deals in a particular way with man in respect to sin and man's responsibility. The word "Dispensation" means "administration" and is first found in 1 Cor. 9:17. b. Divisions. Someone has truly said, "time is an island in the sea of eternity, which is divided into different dispensations or periods of time."

There are seven Dispensations of time and in the next couple of weeks, I will cover.

  1. The Dispensation of Innocence (a) From the creation of man to the fall of man. Genesis 1: 26-2:23. The period of years is not known. (1) This is the innocent or unfallen state when the subjects knew neither good or evil, being neither holy or sinful, but being free to choose when good and evil were placed before them. Adam wasn't righteous because he had not chosen well. (or good) Adam wasn't sinful because he had not chosen sin. (b) Man's responsibility (Genesis 2: 8,9,16,17). Man must choose whether he will believe God's Word or the statements of Satan. (c) Failure of Man (Genesis 3:6). (1) Man chose to believe Satan rather than God. Satan said, "ye shall be as gods, ye shall not surely die." His purpose was to bring the people and earth to a fallen creation. These same lies of Satan are the foundation of present-day apostasy. Many of the "isms" of the present day can be traced back to the verse which was just stated, Gen. 3:4. Example, Mary Baker Eddy "ye shall be as God"; Russell, "You shall not surely die" Modernism, "yea hath God said." (d) Consequences of man's failure, Gen. 3: 14-19 (1) Judgment of Satan (2) The judgment of the woman (3) The judgment of the man (4) The judgment of the earth (5) The promise of the seed to deliver, (Gen 3:15). (e) Moral condition: one of perfection until sin came in. (f) Divine mercy: Gen 3:15, a promise of victory.
Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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