April 29, 2018

This week we will cover the fourth and last aspect of the growth of Jesus from my book, "Did Jesus Just Happen"

The fourth aspect of the growth of Jesus is that He grew in favor with God. This last aspect of Jesus' growth has to do with the spiritual development of life. To grow in favor with God is to become increasingly pleasing to Him. To say that Jesus grew in favor with God does not mean that He was ever in disfavor with God. God could have said from the beginning of eternity, "This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased." It does mean that Jesus grew in spiritual understanding.

Again we must recognize a self-limitation which Jesus experienced in becoming man. From the earliest days of His life Jesus must have felt a relationship to God, but there is every reason to believe that as He grew older the intimacy of this relationship increased in His consciousness. This is as it should be. A study of the life of Jesus will reveal a progressive consciousness in the understanding and interpretation of the will and purpose of God for His life and for the world. This is spiritual growth.

If Jesus experienced a growth in spiritual perception, how much more ought we. Our development in spiritual favor and comprehension will never rise to the height of that of Jesus so long as we are in this flesh, but it can and ought to develop. Growth is not complete or balanced without a growth in spiritual strength and stamina commensurate with out physical growth. It is in this realm of growth that most of us are weakest, and because of this our lives are deformed and lopsided. Our interest in the physical, mental and social aspects of life is all out of proportion to our interest in the spiritual aspects of life. We are often guilty of neglecting our bodies and our minds, but we are more frequently guilty of neglecting our spiritual development. And this is to our shame. growth in any realm of life is good, but that growth can become a cause of serious inefficiency if it is out of proportion with growth in the other area of life. As Christians we must work toward a well rounded life. A life that is lopsided is neither beautiful nor useful. Some people have become dormant in all areas of life, and this is pathetic. Others are growing, but not with symmetrical balance.

Scriptures admonish all of us to "Grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" and this is probably the most important of all because this kind of growth not only will enhance our knowledge but also wisdom. God also instructs to present our bodies a live sacrifice, holy acceptable to the Lord. Physical, Mental, Spiritual are all important but the most important of all is a complete knowledge of the Word of God and it will instruct us to grow in all areas of life.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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