April 26, 2020

Continuing with the Dispensation of Times in God's Plans and Programs for Mankind.

The Fourth Dispensation is the Dispensation of Promise.

(a) From the call of Abraham to the Exodus which last for 430 years, Gen. 11:10-15-21

  1. Abram's condition probably was idolatry but he listened to God. His faith began when he left Ur. He became righteous when he believed God's promise concerning his son.
  2. God's promises and covenants. Gen. 12: 1-3; 13: 14-17; 15:6

(b) Man's responsibility, Gen. 26: 2-3

  1. To stay in the land which God gave to him and not to go down into Egypt which is a type of the world.
  2. Abram doubts God's Word and when famine comes, he goes to Egypt for food. Abram could not have died in spite of the famine because of the promise of God nod not been fulfilled.

(c) Man's failure, Gen. 47:1. All of Jacob's house went down into the land of Egypt. (d) Consequences of man's failure, Ex. 1: 8-14. Slavery in Egypt, sin, and idolatry. (e) Moral condition. They turned to the gods of the Egyptians and became idolatrous. Ex. 20: 1-9. (f) Divine Mercy. Deliverance and preservation of Israel.

The Fifth Dispensation is the Dispensation of Law.

(a) From Sinai to Calvary the exodus to the cross, 1491 years. Man's condition at the beginning of this Dispensation found in Ex. 19: 1-8.. Trusting in his own strength instead of depending on God, "All that the Lord hath spoken we will do." (b) Man's responsibility, Ex. 19:5. To keep the law including the 10 commandments and all laws social and civil. These were given to the people of Israel only, Romans 2: 12: 9-4 (c) Man's failure, 11 Kings 17: 7-17,18; Acts 2: 22-23 They failed to keep the law, and the only One who did keep the law was crucified by them. (d) Consequences of man's failure, 11 Kings 17: 1-6, 20: 25: 1-11 (e) Moral Condition was fallen (f) Divine Mercy shown in the fact that judgment upon Jerusalem and on the nation of Israel was withheld for 40 years after the crucifixion.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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