April 15, 2018

We continue with our thoughts on the Growth of Jesus from "Did Jesus Just Happen"

We need the accumulation of facts, but with the facts we are to develop an understanding of the life in the real sense of that word. This is the dilemma of our day. Our knowledge of the facts of science and literature is astounding. The boy of ten today knows more than the boy of fifteen two or three generations ago. With our increase of knowledge we have invented for ourselves all sorts of gadgets for our convenience and enjoyment. It would appear that with all of these added conveniences and comforts the people of our generation would be enjoying life more than any people who have ever lived on this earth. But this is not so.

With all of our learning we have not learned how to live happily. Without doubt, there are more unhappy people in the world than ever before. Witness the increasing number of suicides, nervous breakdowns, the use/misuse of drugs and an immoral roller coaster ride which has caused many more things to lives other than what I have mentioned. Generally speaking, the people of our day are uneasy, perplexed, bewildered and torn between two contrasting nervous tensions. We have tried to find the secret of happy living through deceptive scheming. Almost everything seems to be geared to the idea of keeping the other person in the dark until we have gotten what we want. Is it any wonder that we have so many nervous collapses?

Practically all of this distraction can be traced to the fact that while we have increased in knowledge we have not increased in wisdom. It is one thing to have knowledge, but it is another thing to have wisdom. It is time that that we gave more attention to wisdom and less to knowledge. We need to know, but knowledge without wisdom is of no value. Scripture tells us that in the last days," People will be ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." We need to know, but knowledge without wisdom in of no value, knowledge without wisdom can be most detrimental.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge in such a way that it becomes a means to our happiness and welfare. The Apostle Paul described our day with amazing accuracy when he spoke the words which I quoted in the last paragraph (11 Tim. 3:7) In the development of our lives and the lives of children, we should give careful attention to the increase of wisdom as well as the increase of knowledge.

I fear that our children and younger generation are being influenced by the Internet and Social Media greatly and in the wrong way. That is why we as parents need to be aware of what our children are watching and give them instructions to be open to the truth and the right things which would make them mature in knowledge and wisdom.

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