April 14, 2019

"Did Jesus Just Happen" The Life of Christ

As we mentioned last week the Messianic prophecies will be finally complete in the unveiling (Revelation) of the Messiah.

The actual scene was witnessed by John on the Isle of Patmos and is recorded in Revelation 19:11 and the Logos or completed Messiah will ride a white horse, crowned with many diadems, have a vesture dipped in blood and on His thigh will be the name King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the armies of the Lord which is composed of the Holy Angels and the Bride of Christ (Church) going to the earth. "Messiah" will set foot on the Mount of Olives and cross the valley and go in the Eastern Gate which is reserved for the Prince (Messiah) and go into the Holy City and reign on David's Throne for a millennium or one thousand years of peace.

The Cross signifies the suffering aspect (Incarnation) of, "Messiah" will be complete in the Star of David (Reigning) of "Messiah", in final adherence to His prophetic words in His Word, then and only then "Jew and Gentile" and all races shall live in harmony and peace in the Messianic Kingdom of Jeshua" the long awaited Deliverer, Conquerer, Savior and Lord. "The Anointed one of Jehovah God, Isasous Christos, Jesus Christ, "Messiah"

Next week we will begin on the subject of "The Judging Lord"

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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