April 08, 2018

We continue with the Life of Christ dealing with His growth from, "Did Jesus Just Happen".

The second phase of His growth is that Jesus grew in wisdom. The mental side of Jesus' life was not neglected. We do not know exactly how He did it, but we do know that He grew in wisdom. This would suggest that Jesus did not have all wisdom when He became incarnate in the flesh. The fact that Jesus grew in wisdom refutes the idea that Jesus knew all things from the beginning as a babe. His incarnation involved a self limitation. A part of that self limitation or self emptying was a giving up of simple divine knowledge. Jesus learned as other children. His advancement in learning may have been more rapid than that of other children. We can safely assume that He learned many things from His parents. We may also assume that He attended the synagogue school in His community. He must have spent many hours in reading and studying the Jewish Scriptures. Knowledge of these things did not come to Him simply by virtue of His being the Son of God. He followed the normal procedures of developing wisdom and understanding.

The mind must grow along with the body. If either one is neglected the life become unbalanced and unseemly. This mental growth involves more than a mere accumulation of facts. It is interesting to note that the word "wisdom", as used in the Gospel of Luke, carries the idea of understanding of life and of life's relationships. It is more than intellectual information. The danger we face in our day is the danger of accumulating facts without understanding of relationships. Jesus grew, not only in His knowledge of facts, but also in His understanding of life and the fundamental and essential principles of life.

We will begin with the accumulation of facts and what importance they are in our growth.

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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