April 01, 2018

We continue our thoughts on the Growth of Jesus from my book, "Did Jesus Just Happen?"

The Gospel of Luke reveals the fact that not only did Jesus grow continuously but He also grew symmetrically. He had a balanced growth. developing in every area of life in proportion. It is not difficult to maintain a proper balance in our growth. Jesus grew in all the realms of life proportionately. I would like to relate four aspect of Jesus; growth as recorded in the Gospel of Luke 2:52.

I will only cover one of these aspects in this week's comments.

First, Jesus grew in stature. The word "stature" refers to the physical body or physical strength. Jesus increased in stature, that is, His body developed in strength and maturity. I may infer from this that Jesus recognized the importance of His body and sought diligently to follow the practices which would enhance the development and usefulness of that body. We must not despise or neglect the development of our physical well-being.

To abuse or neglect the body is a sin. There are things which are more important than a man's physical well-being, but this does not meant hat the body is not important. Other things being equal, the better our health the more effective will be our spiritual usefulness. Basically speaking, the proper development of our bodies depends upon the application of these simple principals: nourishment, exercise and sunlight. Normal growth will b e seriously handicapped by the neglect or misuse of any one or all of these principles. All three of them must be applied to our bodies in sufficient quantity, quality and regularity. In some rare cases the breakdown of health may be caused by something over which we have not control, but in most cases it can be traced to our own neglect or misused of the three essential principles just mentioned. In such cases we are guilty of sin against the Lord. It behooves us, in following the example of Jesus, to employ all the wisdom at our command to develop and maintain the highest possible physical fitness.

Next week, we will discuss how Jesus grew in Wisdom!

Wayne McDoanld, Pastor
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